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Tiakola and Gazo Join Forces with Corteiz for an Exclusive Project

29 November 2023
par Noëlla Ndzamba

Tiakola and Gazo, prominent figures in the French music scene, are poised to shake the internet with their collaborative project titled “La melo est gangx.” This promising artistic alliance merges Tiakola’s distinctive melody with Gazo’s frenetic drill energy. Beyond the realm of music, the artists are making a significant foray into the world of fashion through an exclusive collaboration with the brand Corteiz.

Corteiz, already endorsed by renowned rappers such as Dave and Central Cee, partners with Gazo and Tiakola to bring forth an innovative project that transcends boundaries between music and fashion. This collaboration offers an immersive experience for rap and style enthusiasts alike.

The collaboration’s collection features sweaters and T-shirts proudly displaying the Corteiz logo along with the project’s title. These unique pieces are available in special packs, providing fans with an exclusive opportunity to acquire limited-edition clothing directly tied to this artistic collaboration. Each pack also includes a CD with three bonus tracks, offering a comprehensive experience for music and fashion aficionados.

This collaboration between Tiakola, Gazo, and Corteiz marks a creative convergence between the music scene and the fashion industry. Beyond pushing sonic boundaries, the artists explore the possibilities of expression through style. The “La melo est gangx” project shapes up as a multisensory experience, blending musical audacity with aesthetic flair.

In summary, this three-way collaboration between accomplished artists and an iconic brand promises to redefine standards, providing fans with a total immersion into the creative and stylized universe of Tiakola, Gazo, and Corteiz. Stay tuned to discover this unique alliance of enchanting melodies, impactful rhythms, and distinctive style that characterizes this exceptional collaboration.

© Martin Mougeot

Project Available the 1st December : Find out on the website : La mélo est gangx .

©All Credits photo to Martin Mougeot

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