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Noëlla Ndzamba - Founder

Since its creation in 2017, becoming the world’s first sneaker rental service, until the opening of its office in New York in 2024, Noëlla has never ceased to push her limits and share her expertise in sneakers with her collaborators, and everything related to them, whether closely or remotely.


Indeed, she has been able to give as much as she receives, and that is what makes her universe richer and bigger every day.


Whether you are an athlete, stylist, musician, or designer of any kind, you and we are all driven by the same passion: the possibility of realizing our dreams. And that’s what makes life so exciting and adventurous.


Noëlla is a self-taught fashion stylist who saw her passion come to fruition during a professional experience as a PR in New York in 2015, an experience which greatly influenced her trajectory.


Since a young age, her passion for streetwear culture and sneakers has accompanied her. It was this fascination with sneakers that pushed her to create SNEAKERS AND GO ® in 2017.


This initiative was born from the growing demand for sneakers in the fashion industry, as well as its deep desire to promote an eco-responsible approach in the fashion world.


 During her career, she had the opportunity to deepen her knowledge of sneaker culture by obtaining a diploma from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York, this approach aimed to strengthen her passion and assert her expertise in the field to best support its many clients.


2024 marks a new stage, the opening of the Agency in New York, a logical continuation.