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Styling Consultation Package:


  • Initial consultation to discuss client needs, objectives, and preferences.


  • Thorough analysis of the client’s current wardrobe and identification of gaps or opportunities for improvement.


  • Personalized advice on fashion trends, colors, silhouettes, and styles tailored to the client’s body shape and lifestyle.


  • Recommendations for optimizing the existing wardrobe, including suggestions for items to keep, refresh, or add Creation of personalized looks and outfits for various occasions, accompanied by guidance on how to wear them with confidence.


Rate: $150 per hour of consultation


This package offers a comprehensive and personalized styling consultation, allowing clients to benefit from the expertise of a fashion expert to enhance their style and confidence. Rates are based on hourly pricing and may vary depending on the duration of the consultation and the complexity of the client’s needs.

Personal Shopping Session:


  • Initial meeting to assess client needs and preferences at a luxury location of their choice.


  • Thorough analysis of the client’s personal style and lifestyle Preparation of an exclusive selection of high-end designer clothing and accessories.


  • Private accompaniment during the shopping session at the most prestigious luxury or designer boutiques.


  • Personalized advice on style, trends, and key pieces of the season.


  • Access to exclusive services at partner stores, such as VIP privileges, private reservations, and additional benefits.


  • Home styling service in a luxury hotel or private suite, if desired.


  • Tailoring session for alterations and adjustments with a luxury tailor, priced according to needs.


Rate: Starting from $150 per hour

Styling Package – Styling Session for Photo Shoot, Video Clip, or Event:

  • Initial meeting to discuss client needs and expectations Creation of a personalized styling concept based on the type of project and desired aesthetic.


  • Selection and coordination of outfits, accessories, and decor for the photo shoot, video clip, or event.


  • Close collaboration with other team members such as photographers, directors, makeup artists, and hair stylists to ensure visual and artistic consistency.


  • Logistical management and supervision of styling on the day of the shoot or event


Rate: Starting from $1200 per project


This package offers a comprehensive styling solution for photo shoots, video clips, and events, with a customized service tailored to the specific needs of each client. Rates are provided as an indication and may vary depending on the complexity of the project, the number of outfits required, the duration of the session or event, and any additional services requested. Travel expenses and other logistical costs may apply depending on the project’s location.

Brand PR – Stylist Relations:

  • Identification of Relevant Stylists: Research and identification of influential stylists in the fashion industry who are aligned with the brand’s aesthetic and values.


  • Establishment of Privileged Relationships: Building links and partnerships with stylists to encourage them to choose the brand’s products for their clients and projects.


  • Creative Collaborations: Proposing creative collaborations with stylists for photo shoots, events, or other visibility opportunities.


  • Press Material Provision: Providing media kits including brand information, product images, and other visual resources to facilitate the work of stylists.


Rate: Upon request


This offer emphasizes the establishment of strong relationships with stylists to promote the brand and increase its visibility among a relevant audience.

SNEAKERS AND GO®, is committed to supporting fashion professionals by offering a luxury Shoes and Streetwear rental service.


With its expertise and relevance in choosing its wardrobe, the brand has collaborated with the most talented Parisian stylists.


Driven by a pioneering spirit in the choice of models, SNEAKERS AND GO® has become a reference service for stylists since its launch in 2017.



Classic Sneakers Pair

24-hour deadline: $100

48-hour deadline: $80

72-hour deadline: $60


Luxury Sneakers Pair

24-hour deadline: $160

48-hour deadline: $140

72-hour deadline: $120


Pickup + Delivery: starting from $50


INFORMATION: For daytime cleaning, there is an additional charge of $60. A minimum of 4 hours is required from the time of product pickup.