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The stylist currently plays one of the most important roles in music ?

6 April 2024
par Noëlla Ndzamba

The music video has undergone a whole process. From the Spice Girls to Beyoncé, it is evident that the artistic integrity of the music video has evolved, developed, and its visual style has been perfected over time.

The music video has been a significant element in the commercial success of a song for decades. In the 80s and 90s, the expansion of MTV meant that if you didn’t have a video to accompany your latest single, it was impossible for your music to climb the charts. Today, with the advent of platforms like YouTube, it is now more important than ever that your music not only sounds good but also has powerful graphics ready to go viral.

It is therefore not surprising that music videos offer artists a fantastic opportunity to express their individual style – many choose to tell a carefully crafted story about who they are and what they believe through the clothes they wear.

Style in music is more important than ever.

This trend shows no signs of slowing down; brands are investing more and more money in the sector to ensure their visibility to the general public. This underscores the central importance of the stylist in conveying the visual message of an artist, and their power of influence on fashion is stronger than ever.

In this context, what does it take to style a modern music video? Recently, Noëlla Ndzamba, Stylist and founder of SNG AGENCY, orchestrated the styling for emerging artist MALLAURY, for her track “Baby Boy”, from her latest EP ‘LOVE 66’. This project required a week of intensive preparation before the shoot, with every detail meticulously fine-tuned to align perfectly with Mallaury’s universe. Between showroom appointments, fittings, accessory adjustments… The challenge lay in finding brands that matched the artist’s morphology, artistic preferences, and the artistic direction of the clip. This successfully met challenge testifies to the harmonious fusion between the artist’s artistic vision and the stylist’s expertise.

This collaboration between Noëlla and Mallaury illustrates the crucial importance of styling in creating a striking visual identity. Each selected outfit is not simply an assembly of clothes but an authentic expression of the artist’s essence. Every detail, from textures to colors, contributes to creating a captivating aesthetic that captures the public’s imagination and reinforces the music’s message.

Thus, the role of the stylist in the making of a modern music video goes far beyond simply dressing an artist; it is a true artistic collaboration that brings a shared vision to life and leaves an indelible mark on the music and fashion industries

The Sizing Challenges in the Fashion Industry

In the music video industry, stylists like Noëlla Ndzamba face multiple challenges, including those related to available clothing sizes. One of the major obstacles Noëlla and Mallaury encountered concerns the sizes and morphologies of clothing samples.

In many press offices and among many designers, the available pieces are often one-size-fits-all samples, often petite. This sizing limitation can be problematic because artists have diverse and varied morphologies, and it is essential to be able to adapt clothing to their specific needs.

For Noëlla, finding pieces that matched Mallaury’s morphology while respecting her artistic vision and personal style was a major challenge. This required thorough research and increased creativity to find alternative solutions.

It is important to note that this issue is not only a challenge for individual stylists but also for the fashion industry as a whole. It would be beneficial for fashion offices and designers to consider the diversity of morphologies and offer a wider range of sizes for their samples. This would allow stylists to better represent body diversity in their creations and offer artists a greater variety of choices for their visual projects.

Efforts to make designer pieces more accessible to a variety of morphologies would be an important step towards a more inclusive and authentic representation in the fashion and styling industry for music videos.

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