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YOUNGBRIGHTHING, The Parisian Label Betting on Upcycling to Follow in 2024.

10 December 2023
par Noëlla Ndzamba
© Capsule III official campaign « Akira »

YOUNGBRIGHTHING, or YBT, emerges as an innovative Parisian label specializing in creative upcycling of pieces such as denim, knitwear, and suits. The brand’s CAPSULE III highlights the “deconstruction-reconstruction,” marking the evolution of suiting according to YBT, a distinctive signature of creator Martial Billard, whose influence extends beyond traditional fashion boundaries.

At the Crossroads of Worlds:

Martial Billard, the visionary creator behind YOUNGBRIGHTHING, draws inspiration from various realms, particularly leaving a mark in the streetwear domain. With a background in fashion school and experiences in luxury, Martial Billard shapes a raw and urban style that infiltrates every creation.

A Fashion Without Borders:

YBT’s creations, unisex and timeless, transcend conventions. They skillfully weave into our wardrobes, offering versatility that spans from avant-garde looks to casually chic daily wear.

The recent presentation from YBT unveils a collection of exceptional pieces. A turtleneck in anthracite gray knit, delicately paired with the ‘Worker Zip Jacket,’ sets the stage for the centerpiece: the ‘skirt wallet denim.’ Layered over jeans, this masterful creation redefines fashion for the upcoming season.

The Future:

Crédits : @youngbrighthing | @ivmmvrtivlking

As 2024 looms on the horizon, YOUNGBRIGHTHING emerges as the label to watch. Offering its creations in limited editions and made-to-order via their website:, the brand promises a year of avant-garde and sustainable fashion.

YBT embodies the dynamic energy of emerging Parisian fashion. With its commitment to upcycling, bold style, and unique creations, the label firmly positions itself as a key player to watch in the contemporary fashion landscape.

Vision of Martial Billard

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