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When Rick Owens’ Fashion Redefines Urban Style: A Dive into the Wardrobes of Rap Stars and Basketball Players

3 December 2023
par Noëlla Ndzamba
© Lil Baby

The niche style of Rick Owens continues to leave its mark on the streetwear scene. While recently, names like Lil Baby, Lil Wayne, or Gazo have embraced Rick’s distinctive style, it’s crucial to emphasize that this trend is not a novelty but rather the recent chapter of a long history of stylistic conquest.

Rappers, as early as 2010, have woven Rick Owens’ name into their lyrics, elevating the designer to an icon in the world of hip-hop. Explicit references from Rick Ross to Jay Z have solidified Rick Owens’ place in the pantheon of streetwear, proving that his influence extends far beyond clothing to become a true fashion brand.

Rick Owens’ distinctive minimalism, with its clean lines and understated approach to colors, remains a cornerstone of his aesthetic. It’s a defining feature shared by many enthusiasts of his style, adding a dimension of sophistication and modernity

This stylistic conquest doesn’t stop at the borders of hip-hop. It also resonates among renowned basketball players, elevating Rick Owens’ style to new heights. Bol Bol, Kyle Kuzma, and Jalen Green go beyond adopting the oversized looks, puffers, and characteristic ‘boots’ of Rick Owens; they integrate them into their own aesthetics, creating a unique fusion between the world of sports and streetwear

© Kyle Kuzma Credits Photo : Kenny Giarla
© Jalen Green
© Bol Bol

At SNG, we celebrate this ongoing evolution of Rick Owens’ style, with special attention to the growing influence of the designer in the wardrobes of NBA basketball players.

Our collection of Rick Owens sneakers, available for rent and highly sought after by renowned artists and athletes, provides our customers access to this bold, avant-garde, and minimalist aesthetic that transcends the boundaries between sports and fashion.

ASAP Rocky: Pioneer and Standard-Bearer of Rick Owens’ Style

Among the pioneers in adopting Rick Owens’ style, ASAP Rocky stands out as a true ambassador. For a long time, the American rapper confidently showcases the designer’s creations, contributing to the popularization of the dark and avant-garde allure.

His constant presence in the fashion world, collaboration with Rick Owens, and ability to blend luxury with urban aesthetics make ASAP Rocky a true beacon for those seeking creative expression through their style. His influence endures, illustrating that Rick Owens’ footprint goes beyond a mere fleeting trend to become a genuine cultural movement

© Rihanna & Asap Rocky

Raphael Faintuch: Meeting with a Fashion Expert

At SNG, we recently had the privilege of meeting Raphael Faintuch, a stylist and image consultant based in Paris. As the founder of Paris Curation, his showroom for luxury and designer clothing reveals his expertise and passion for fashion. Offering a curated selection of iconic pieces, including those from Rick Owens, Faintuch’s showroom is an essential source to explore and complement your looks. You can discover more on his Instagram page.

This ongoing stylistic conquest of Rick Owens, supported by icons of hip-hop and rap, as well as renowned basketball players, promises a future where boldness, innovation, and minimalism will continue to define streetwear fashion. At SNG, we are honored to be part of this adventure, providing our customers with a gateway to a style that transcends fleeting trends and becomes a true statement of creativity.

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