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At the Crossroads of Worlds, on the Coast: Spotlight on the Jacquemus Fashion Show by Simon Porte Jacquemus.

30 January 2024
par Nordman Ntolla

Simon loves poetry, so naturally, he loves those who create it.

Thus, it’s not surprising to see artists like Gazo, Tiakola, Kalash, or Zola, headliners of Francophone rap, being invited to his latest fashion show. Well, what do we say… to his latest celebration.

And yes, because when he organizes these kinds of events, Simon’s goal is not only to present his new collection but also, and above all, to celebrate culture and its contributors. Among these contributors, there are many celebrities like Julia Roberts, Kylie Jenner, Arón Piper, and, as mentioned earlier, our Francophone rappers. Because, more than ever, they represent an important part of the culture that aims to be increasingly open to exchanges between worlds.

Beyond that, when we see Kalash, a Martinican artist, Shay (a Belgian-Congolese artist), or Gazo (a Franco-Guinean artist) appearing in the official video of the Jacquemus brand, introducing the guests for this new event, we understand that this famous part is very significant… and should be highlighted.

So goes life. Indeed, there was a time when some rap legends came to the French Riviera and were in “Window Shopper” mode. Well, now these same legends can pass to the other side of the window, according to their will, as a new era is unfolding.

Photographer | Enzo Poly

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