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Sacai and Moncler’s Visionary Collaboration Redefines Fashion Art

29 November 2023
par Noëlla Ndzamba

In this January, Paris Fashion Week witnessed an unexpected revelation, marking the much-anticipated return of the collaboration between Chitose Abe of Sacai and Moncler. Celebrating Moncler’s 70th anniversary, this union propels fashion into a distant future while honoring the industry’s rich heritage.

Chitose Abe, renowned for her avant-garde artistic approach, cast her creative gaze into the year 2093, giving birth to a collection comprising four distinct looks, each a bold fusion of technical layering. This collaboration transcends conventions, offering hybrid creations designed for both modern urbanites and intergalactic explorers.

The bichromatic color palette, dominated by shades of black and gray, dresses the fashion scene of this collaboration. Outdoor essentials, such as essential down jackets, cozy fur vests, and pleated dresses, create a striking visual harmony. The balance between oversized tailoring and tonal outerwear, designed for elegant draping on the shoulders, adds contemporary versatility to each piece.

The ingenuity of this collaboration lies in the details, where down jackets transform into backpacks, and coats and blazers unfold to reveal pleated dresses. These functional pieces become works of art in their own right.

Remo Ruffini, the visionary mind behind Moncler Genius, expresses admiration for the principles of Japanese design, an evident influence in previous collaborations with Hiroshi Fujiwara, Comme des Garçons, and Junya Watanabe. This spirit of exploration and pushing boundaries materializes in the breathtaking event “The Art of Genius” at London Fashion Week, symbolizing Moncler’s continued commitment to revolutionary collaborations.

Chitose Abe, when questioned about the inspiration behind this collaboration, evokes an aesthetic between the slope and après-ski, the “summit and the restaurant,” with pieces like a backpack for climbing and a dress for afternoon fondue.

The Sacai x Moncler collaboration, much more than a mere collection, celebrates Moncler’s rich history while boldly exploring the future of fashion. The eagerly awaited pieces will be available in selected stores worldwide on November 27, offering fashion enthusiasts a unique experience between the avant-garde of Sacai and the timeless excellence of Moncler. Available at

Chitose Abe: A Visionary Who Dares Authenticity

Chitose Abe doesn’t do things by halves. Unless she’s cutting, assembling, and creating hybrid designs that are the signature of her 24-year-old Japanese brand, Sacai. “When it comes to collaborations, we want to work with somebody that is authentic,” she explains. “When it’s workwear, it’s Carhartt; for the best sneakers, it’s Nike; for the best down jacket, it’s Moncler.”

Abe’s unique design philosophy is a testament to her commitment to authenticity, a principle that resonates in Sacai’s DNA. In a fashion landscape filled with fleeting trends, Abe’s dedication to creating collaborations that reflect the true essence of each partner sets Sacai apart. In the realm of workwear, the nod goes to Carhartt, an emblem of rugged authenticity. The quest for the best sneakers leads to the iconic swoosh of Nike, an incarnation of athletic power. And for the pinnacle of down jackets, the crown is unquestionably bestowed upon Moncler, a symbol of unparalleled craftsmanship and sophistication.

In the hands of Chitose Abe, collaborations are not just about blending logos; they are about creating harmonious fusions that respect the heritage of each collaborator. As Sacai continues to push the boundaries of fashion, Abe’s discerning eye for authenticity ensures that each partnership is a masterpiece, a symphony of craftsmanship where every note resonates with the true spirit of the collaborator at hand.

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