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Elevate your luxury brand with our sneaker consulting service. At SNG ® , we offer personalized strategic advice to optimize your presence in the luxury sneaker market.


What We Offer:

Market Analysis: Identify trends, consumer preferences, and competitive strategies.

Positioning Strategies: Develop unique approaches to showcase your sneakers.

Strategic Collaborations: Create exclusive partnerships with artists and designers.

Social Media Communication: Implement strategies tailored to Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms.

Event Activations: Organize exclusive product launches and in-store experiences.

At SNG ® we understand the importance of forging authentic connections and crafting powerful narratives to engage your target audience.

Services Offered:

Public Relations Strategies: We develop impactful PR campaigns to enhance the visibility of your brand in traditional and online media.

Influencer Management: We identify and collaborate with relevant influencers to amplify your message to your target audience.

Activation Campaigns: We design creative and engaging activations to spark interest and interaction around your brand.

Monitoring and Analysis: We closely monitor media coverage and campaign impact, adjusting our approach to maximize results.

Media Training: We prepare your spokespersons and executives to interact effectively with the media and enhance the brand’s image.


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